Acute Rehabilitation Consulting

Exceptional service, care excellence and successful outcomes are the key to admission related decisions for family members seeking the right intensive therapy program for their loved one. Transparency and a trusting relationship with the community can guarantee the success of any rehabilitation facility.  We, at Expatiate Communications, provide that. 

Our leadership team lends their expertise through provision of tailored support to boost program efficiency in a cost effective manner. Expatiate Communications will customize programmatic and personnel support to supplement, complement and/or improve current processes based on specific needs utilizing breakthrough innovative technology to achieve highest patient outcomes. The goal is a robust, efficient, effective program that sets the IRF apart from all its competitors. 

Additionally, personnel expertise for compliance, admissions process including clinical liaison support and/or training, MD support and more is provided through direct market presence, innovative technological tools and real time data tracking to align with the facility goals. 

We provide expertise to:

  1. Boost Internal Admissions 

  2. Improve External Admissions

  3. Improve Bed Availability

  4. Improve KPIs

  5. Improve Departmental Revenue 

  6. Reduced LOS for Acute Hospital

  7. Boost Discharge to Community

  8. Reduce Readmissions