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Event Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

Free Events: In the case an event is cancelled by us for any reason, you will be sent information about the new dates and registration details automatically over email and texts as indicated by you. No further action is required.

Paid Events: For any paid events like seminars, courses, camps and services,  we will honor all cancellations received upto 7 days in advance from the start date of the event excluding the first day.  All cancellation requests must be sent in writing to or by calling us at 1(844) 387-5836.  Any cancellations requested by you may incur up to 20% service fee. 

Any cancellations initiated by us due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you of the new event dates as soon as possible over emails, texts and phone. If you are unable to confirm any of the new program dates, we will refund all applicable fee with no deductions. 

Reschedules: If you need to reschedule for any of the paid events, please send an email to us at with your name, event details, and preferred schedule. You may also call us directly to reschedule.  All reschedules are approved subject to space availability and are not guaranteed. 

Subscriptions: If you choose to cancel  paid subscription services,  your subscription will continue until your renewal date but will not automatically renew.  No refunds shall apply in this case as the services shall stop on your renewal dates. 

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