CSR Initiative
Ambulance & Funeral Expense Relief - India

As a socially responsive company, we are doing our part in helping India fight its current COVID-19 crisis. India currently accounts for more than half of global infections and almost a quarter of total deaths. The pandemic is taking a very heavy toll on low income households who are not only unable to work but also are taking unimaginable debt to manage high medical costs and other expenses. 

As part of our social responsibility, Expatiate Communications is arranging the fundraiser to provide direct cash assistance to families who are unable to afford ambulance or funeral expenses. All benefits shall be be provided either directly to affected people or through registered social service organizations.

Direct Cash Benefit Program

This campaign shall provide direct cash benefit to citizens of India who are impacted heavily due to the ongoing pandemic. Maximum benefit per family shall be capped at ₹ 10000.00 (Approx. $ 134.00) to pay for medical transport and funeral expenses. All donations received shall be used for direct assistance with all overhead costs being borne by Expatiate Communications. 


If you are based in India and are expereincing financial difficulties in meeting ambulance and/or funeral expenses, please email your information to info@excomweb.com to request assistance.