Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are ERMHS©  therapists different from school counselors and private counselors?

The job of school counselors is to impart essential skills, and conduct regular mental health check-ups.


Private counselors conduct sessions at their clinics, and work solely from an individual stand-point.
ERMHS©  therapists work in tandem with school counselors, or private counselors and also teachers along with parents. They look into a detailed case history of the child, and understand what therapies worked previously, and what did not. 

Q. What is the frequency and duration of therapy?

The frequency and duration of therapy depend upon the needs of your child. On an average, a therapist meets with the child 3 times a week. Though the duration of therapy may depend on the chronicity of the presenting issue, a minimum of three months in therapy is recommended at any given time for noticeable results. 


Q. What results can I expect to see in my child?

Therapy is a process. Based on your child’s assessment, certain goals are created every month, which the therapist then works upon in achieving. The successful achievement of these goals are the results, or the progress you will observe in your child. One should be aware that therapy is based on a trial and error method, and certain goals may take longer to achieve than others. 


Q. Difference between ERMHS©  and Early Intervention?

ERMHS©  is for all school-going children, whereas Early Intervention is a program for children aged between 0-3 years. The aim of ERMHS©  is to intensify scholastic performance, whereas EI services are for in-time detection of developmental delays. 


Q. Do you have doctors on board?

Though the procedures are scientific in nature, we do not work with a team of doctors. Though we do have physical therapists, occupational, speech and sensory integration therapists working towards an integrative experience for your child. 


Q. Do you work with medications? 


We do not provide any medication to children. Our focus is to aid in the development of their life-skills, that will in turn enhance their academic performance. The list of skill-sets include stress management, sleep management, communication, effective study techniques, cultivation of desired habits, etc. 

Q. What kind of therapists make up the team?

We have qualified and certified ABA therapists on board with us, that follow the U.S. standards and protocols of mental health. For children that need it, we also have a team of speech therapists, sensory integration therapists and occupational therapists.

Q. What is a holistic approach?

A holistic approach involves the blending and balance between all areas of life - emotional, physical, spiritual, academic, financial, personal and social. Our therapists focus on improving the overall quality of life of the child, which in turn will refine their efforts towards their academic life. Therapy will improve focus, teach the children how to deal with their emotions well, and impart knowledge of discipline, routine and time-management. It will also teach children to communicate effectively and display positive behaviors in all settings. 


Q. What happens in assessment session?

The assessment session is the first session that the therapist meets with the child and the parents. An intake assessment is conducted, where the parents are given a form to fill regarding history of ailments and medication in the family, and past instances of availed therapy if any. The therapist uses observational and diagnostic skills to determine what areas of life of the child require special attention. A report is then created, which will provide details of the issue, and goals for therapy. This report will also contain the time-frame of therapy (duration and frequency), as this can be judged only based on the presenting problem. 


Q. Is a therapist available in my location?


Yes, we have therapists providing their services in all major locations of Bangalore. 


Q. What if I cannot have therapy conducted at home?


If you do not have a space to conduct therapy, that can be arranged on our end with a little extra cost. This location will be chosen as per your convenience. 


Q. How will I know therapy is working?

With the help of the therapist, you will begin to observe changes in your child. Since therapy is only a process, certain results may not be seen immediately, and require faith, perseverance, time and patience. The therapist creates goals for every month, and works on them specifically. Therapist also creates monthly progress notes, to check-mark all the goals accomplished. 


Q. What is the method and procedure of payment? 


The payment needs to be made online via our website, at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment with our therapist for the first session. 


Q. Is it possible to pay per session, and not for a package?


It is possible to pay per session, at the same time the charges amount to be higher. Also, a minimum of three months in therapy is strongly recommended for visible results. 


Q. Will I also need to send my child for other remedial classes?

No, you do not need to send your child to other remedial classes once enrolled in an ERMHS©  program. This is the last- step remedy, suited for specific needs of your child. 

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