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ERMHS Brain Mapping


All students can learn.

Expatiate Communications India, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Expatiate Communications, USA) brings revolutionary new technology and resources to students of all ages. If you ever think that your child is underperforming in school or college, think again. With Brain Mapping, Neuro-Feedback, and  Universal Design of Learning (UDL™️), we can train your child's brain to achieve his or her highest potential in school as well as higher education.


ERMHS is a revolutionary service ( Pioneered by Expatiate USA since 2013) combining principles of Brain Mapping, Neuro-Feedback and UDL™️ to assist students of all ages  educational excellence.


  • School & Homework Stress

    Relieves Mental Stress and Improves Academic Performance

  • Autism and ADHD

    Retrains Child's Brain to Overcome Disability

  • Exam Pressure

    Alleviates Pressure from Competitive Exams


ERMHS has been a gift for our family. Our child now not only enjoys schools but looks forward to homework time every evening.

Shay Bermeo

We have utilized brain mapping and therapy for our 12 year old autistic child. He has made improvements in all aspects of life but mainly his behavior. THANK YOU!

Deborah Wiseman

If you are preparing for any kind of exams, I highly recommend using their ERMHS service. I was able to improve my focus and improve performance across the board.


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