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Special Education Resources for Parents

Expatiate Communications does all of the heavy lifting, paperwork, and follow-ups needed to ensure that your child receives exceptional and fair special education. We are not a law firm, nor an advocacy group, we will not provide you with the steps and leave you with the burden of completion, follow-up, and the tasks of trying to find who and where to reach out to for your child's needs. We will do the work for you and that is our promise to keep special education simple. Contact us about our complimentary services.


We Keep Special Education Simple®


Expatiate has its own specialized educational software platform. iTAAP which stands for Improving Achievement through Predictive Analysis is an AI based predictive analysis program which projects future CA School Dashboard colors for an LEA as well as various compliance metrics such as PIR, DINC, MOE, SPED Excess Costs etc. iTAAP will soon be available for parents of students with disabilities with our subscription services.

Along with predictions at the District and school level, iTAAP drills down all the way to identify specific students whose performance contributes heavily towards a lower category colors and empower the LEAs to achieve a higher classification in the CA School Dashboard by targeting those specific students for assistance. iTAAP provides easy-to-use predictive analysis reports that show an LEAs’s future performance up to a year in advance on six state indicators: Chronic Absenteeism, Suspension Rate, English Learner Progress, Graduation Rate, Academic Performance and College/Career Readiness along with several APR indicators and various SELPA compliance criteria.

Expatiate can use the statistics below paired with our iTAAP platform to predict your child's achievement gap, competitive scores, and find schools and districts best for your child's special education and IEP needs. We go beyond expectations and build a well planned IEP for each child and have the ability to provide on site staff support. We promise to keep special education simple.

Special Education Rates in CA by Income, Race, & Ethnicity

Complimentary Special Education Resources

Our trained professionals at Expatiate Communications have curated materials for parents of children in special education. Feel free to download our resources below. Just input your email to receive the complimentary documents available.

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