Future of Educational Data


What is iTAP?

iTAPTM is a revolutionary business intelligence predictive analysis platform. It has been designed to predict educational outcomes for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) and other educational organizations whon are required to report student level academic progress data.

The iTAP tool is revolutionary as for the first time, LEAs can employ predictive analysis to impact continuous decision making and quickly expedites movement out of differentiated assistance.  Its continual data updates allow for programmatic progress monitoring and improvement. Now, individual schools will have the ability to use continually updated data to inform local and site based shared decision making. iTAP can positively impact future performance. 

What is the need? Why now?

Accountability for school districts is greater than ever before. The CA Department of Education’s Dashboard utilizes a color system to analyze the indicators for which it holds districts accountable.  The iTAP is like a formative assessment for districts and schools. The indicators provide accurate analysis of the effectiveness of programs and help paretns and educators identify strengths and areas for improvement for each school and student group. The iTAP tool utilizes this same color system ( red, orange, yellow, blue and green) to allow districts to take a proactive approach to improving student achievement and performance across state and local measures.  For the first time, districts can take preemptive actions to improve their future performance on the indicators. 

How can it be used by all levels of an LEA?

Board Members: School Boards can use the iTAP tool to improve declining enrollment by providing their constituents with anticipatory data regarding student performance in all areas and program improvement overall across the color system.   The data will allow Board Members to make proactive decisions based on data. 

Administration:  iTAP can help guide informed decisions regarding program effectiveness, cost benefits,  and the effective utilization of resources in the district targeted towards individual schools or student groups. The state models do not allow for individualization for schools or students.

 iTAP predictive data allows for program monitoring,  the identification of site specific interventions to improve outcomes in all indictors, as well as the effectiveness of academic programs. The iTAP allows districts to take proactive measures to improve school climate, parent engagement, and a broad range of measurable indicators.

School based staff : The iTAPs school specific data analysis provides continuous data that allows for immediate corrective interventions across the indicators and student groups.  For the first time ever, iTAP data can empower LEAS and schools to see demonstrable improvement as a result of their targeted interventions.

iTAP is like a formative assessment for districts and schools in that it provides consistently updated data regarding performance on APR indicators with a wide range of applications ranging from district wide to site specific. It allows for continuous monitoring and programming adjustment.

iTAP provides data that allows district  to provide more cost effective professional development. This analysis allows stakeholders to utilize robust needs assessment to inform professional development choices. It allows for more efficient an effective resource allocation.  It can also make Special Education programs more cost effective. 

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