Our Approach

To Equity and Educational Benefit

Inclusion and Equity

One of the major challenges in the area of special education has been promoting equitable access to all students, irrespective of disability. Expatiate envisions all students as “ONE”. Each SPED  student deserves access to highly qualified teachers, access to curriculum materials suited to their disability and included in all activities available to Gen. Ed students as much as possible. 

If inclusion and equity have been challenging to implement at your LEA, Expatiate can develop a district wide action plan to based on culture, data, compliance and training to ensure that each LEA serves its most vulnerable students in an efficient and equitable manner.

Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the achievement gap is one of the great challenges facing school systems today. Through curriculum development, onsite or online staff training, technology tools, and student enrichment or parental support programs, Expatiate can help your district boost student achievement.

Blended Learning

Expatiate leads the way in utilizing blended learning protocols . We can provide the planning and implementation resources, tools, and professional learning to transform blended learning from a device-centric concept to truly effective and innovative personalized or blended learning.


Our digital learning specialists can leverage your existing materials, expertise, and vision to design and deliver an interactive, online learning experience that’s personalized, cost-effective, and flexible.

LEA Wide Reform

Helping significantly under-performing schools better engage and prepare students for college or globally competitive career options takes a comprehensive approach. Expatiate can help. Our school improvement consulting focuses on leadership, effective instruction, climate and culture, data use, and curriculum and assessment congruence, and leverages online tools to provide resources, support, and professional development.

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