Legislative Analyst's Office: Overview of Special Education in California Report

Updated: Jul 19

Parents of students with disabilities are often on their own and left in the dark when it comes to finding the best resources for their child if they believe they need special education services. From the creation of the child's IEP, to supplemental services, various therapies, counseling, and accommodations parents often find themselves overwhelmed with no idea on where to start the process. In 2019, the LAO released an Overview of Special Education in California. A detailed report that focuses on these main bullet points and includes informative statistics on how the state performs as a whole in regard to special education services and academia.

  • One in Eight California Students Receives Special Education Services

  • Majority of Students With Disabilities Served in Mainstream Classrooms

  • Students With Disabilities Have Lower Academic Outcomes Than Other Students

So, what do you do as a parent? Often parents find themselves reaching out to non profit organizations and advocacy groups, or they seek litigation/legal services. We however, at Expatiate Communications bridge the gap between parents and school districts in keeping special education simple and not only creating the IEP for the child, but also providing necessary staff support and accommodations for the child as needed. In addition, our firm also works with LEAs, SEAs, and SELPAs to connect and create relationships with districts and charter schools in which participants can also utilize our iTAAP software to track students and school districts performances. Month to month as well as year over year allowing professionals to predict the next year as well. This software soon, will be available to our parental clients.

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LAO report
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