Rehabilitation Management Components

All our managed rehabilitation programs include following services

Acute Rehabilitation Consulting

There are up to 1,100 rehabilitation programs reporting their quality of care metrics nationwide that are readily available to the patient community including but not limited to preventable hospital readmission rate, discharge destination and return to community, infection rates for CAUTI, CDI, MRSA, pressure ulcers, rate of falls and patient satisfaction or HCAHPS scores.


Clinical Liaison Program

Customized clinical liaison support to facilitate the needs of the IRF facility. Expatiate provides the missing piece in the puzzle to facilitate utilization of the bed capacity to its maximum.


Audit and Compliance

End to end comprehensive audit to ensure that all care processes are compliant with CERT and no loss of revenue.


Data and Technology

Expatiate utilizes data and technology to guide processes and realized efficiencies. Our IT team customizes data access at all levels of organization for timely decision making.

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