School Reopening Planning

(A Pro Bono Service as part of CSR) 

Expatiate Communications Leads Schools Reopening Planning for Schools Globally

Expatiate Communications, as part of its consulting services, is providing assistance to school districts, county offices of education and private schools on how to open safely during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams of Expatiate consultants shall address the immediate consequences and ongoing recovery in different communities and assist devise a multi-pronged approach based on educational priorities.



We have pooled our diverse resources to create comprehensive plans for K-12 schools to plan for the 2020-21 school year in the most safe and effective manner. By working with educational and medical experts, we are devising community specific guidelines for schools.

Safe Schools

Maintain Staff and Student Safety


Social Distancing


PPE Procurement


Employee Health Protocols


Student Health Monitoring


Site Cleanings


Triage Procedures



Models of  Learning

Remote Learning Planning


Hybrid Models


Staff Trainings


Technology Analysis

Classroom Integration


Technology Adoption


Parent Trainings



Transition Process

Non-Traditional Learning Models


Student Facilitation Workshops

Staff Facilitation Workshops


Student and Staff Mental Health Support


Interim Leaning Support Systems 

Measurement & Impact

Student Engagement Measures


Remote Assessments

Learning Outcomes Measurements


Student Engagement Scores


Corrective Action Planning

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