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Special Education Service Plans Overview 

Is your special education child struggling?

 We can put them on a plan to succeed. Our Service Plans are

designed to improve your child’s life and education.

 Take the first step toward a better tomorrow.

IEP Services*

A full suite of IEP Services. Unlimited access to all specialist*

Specialist Support

Dedicated Educational Specialist Instruction for Grade Level Achievement.

Progress Monitoring

Monthly Progress Tracking For All IEP Goals and Benchmarks. Formal Assessments inlcuded

 K-12 Support

Fully Supported Until Graduation and Beyond. 


Unsatisfied with the IEP?


Inadequate Therapy Services?


Low Academic Achievement?


Student Not Meeting Goals?


Talk to a SPED Director or service specialist, as needed

Web-Based Portal

Fully Web Based Protocols for Special Education

Individualized Guidance

Your Child Receives Services as per Your Choice


Unlimited IEP Services*

Flexible Hours

Special Education Services Available on Demand

Cancel Anytime

Plan Enrollment Can Be Cancelled Anytime

*Unlimited IEP Services Launching Fall 2022

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