Special Education Service Plans

Expatiate Communications is committed to provision of high quality special education services and supports to all students with disabilities.  Service Plans are designed to provide comprehensive support to improve students' educational achievement.

Is your special education student struggling?

IEP Services*

A full suite of IEP Services. Unlimited access to all specialist*

Specialist Support

Dedicated Educational Specialist Instruction for Grade Level Achievement.

Progress Monitoring

Monthly Progress Tracking For All IEP Goals and Benchmarks. Formal Assessments inlcuded

 K-12 Support

Fully Supported Until Graduation and Beyond. 


Unsatisfied with the IEP?


Inadequate Therapy Services?


Low Academic Achievement?


Student Not Meeting Goals?


Talk to a SPED Director or service specialist, as needed

Web-Based Portal

Fully Web Based Protocols for Special Education

Individualized Guidance

Your Child Receives Services as per Your Choice


Unlimited IEP Services*

Flexible Hours

Special Education Services Available on Demand

Cancel Anytime

Plan Enrollment Can Be Cancelled Anytime

*Unlimited IEP Services Launching Fall 2022