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Struggling With Special Education?

Special Education is Simple With Us


Not getting what you need from your school?  Lose All Your Worries. 

From our free Basic Plan to our Subscription Services, Your Child Will Receive Highest Quality IEP.


Pick The Plan That Works For You.

Together We Can Help Your Child Succeed.

Basic Plan (Free)

A free monthly consult with any service provider  (1 Per Month) plus:

  • A complete review of your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Predicting if your child’s IEP goals are being met

  • Determining if your child’s  IEP is meeting required  benefits.

  • Recommending action plans for your student’s progress

Subscription Plans

Up to three IEP services of your choice plus:

  • Bi-Weekly IEP tracking of academic performance

  • Monthly student progress monitoring

  • Implementing changes to  meet academic goals

  • Academic success levels tracked with future predictions 

  • IEP gap coverage for slowed student progress

  • College preparedness and updates

  • Predicted graduation status

  • English and English As A Second Language (ELA) progress updates

  • Predicted score ranges on state tests

  • Optional service selections include: speech, OT, PT, ABA, behavior support, audiology, counseling, etc

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Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 8.48.38 AM.png

• Reviews IEP Annually

• Progress Report every semester

• May not provide all required services

• Cannot predict if your child will make meet goals

• Will not determine if a school is right fit for the child

Schools simply provide IEPs

• Review IEPs Monthly

• Monthly Progress Reports

• Provide IEP services of choice.

• Provides additional services, if needed

• Real time data projections on student performance

• Provides student to school matching service

Expatiate provides educational achievement

We Meet Every Child’s Needs By Offering These Supplemental Services:

English Language Learner (ELL) Services

Crisis Prevention (CPI) Training

Paraeducator (Teacher’s Assistant)

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)



Pre-written notes or study guides

Added time to move between classes

Peer Helper for emotional, social and academic support.

Instruction pacing such as mandated breaks for your child

Assignment Modification such as Braille, larger printed text 

or audiobook format

For Accomodations

Preferred seating at lunch, school events or in the classroom.

Pre-planned bus seating for safe comfortable travel.

Support for environmental needs and making sure your child 

receives all accommodations necessary to ensure their comfort level .

For Staff Support

We not only provide staff support, but can fill the actual staff positions 

when the school’s staff is not available.

For Your Child’s Individualized Education PLan (IEP) Support

We offer consultations, stop in support, a designated classroom companion/partner, one-on-one assistance,

For Specialized Equipment And Additional Support

To ensure supplemental aids are met for your child’s IEP, we  provide access to wheelchairs, computers and software programs , voice synthesizers, special utensils, bathroom equipment, and communication devices  individual needs.

Need Help With Your Child’s IEP?

(Individualized Education Plan)

Our IEP Services Include:

Psychological and educational tests including a complete review of results.

Study and interpret child behavior and conditions relating to learning.

Consultations with staff members in planning school programs based on tests and behavior.

Planning and managing a program of psychological services, including psychological counseling for children and parents.

Development of positive behavioral intervention strategies.

Psychological and educational tests, and other assessment procedures.                                                                                   

And much more:


Recreation (including therapeutic recreation).

Speech-language pathology services.


School health services and school nurse services.

Interpreting services.


Medical services for diagnostic or evaluation purposes

Social work services in schools.

Orientation & mobility services.


Early identification and assessment of disabilities. 


Occupational therapy.

Additional IEP Services

  • Recreation (including therapeutic recreation)

  • Speech-language pathology services

  • School health services and school nurse services

  • Social work services in schools

  • Orientation & mobility services

  • Early identification and assessment of disabilities in children

  • Interpreting services

  • Medical services for diagnostic or evaluation purposes

  • Occupational therapy

Download our IEP Services Brochure

Don't Let Your Child Fall Behind

While enrollment into special education programs continues to increase across the state of California, college preparedness, 4 year graduation rates, and college attending rates post K-12 continue to fall. With the current pandemic, students are experiencing strenuous in class adjustments which largely impact special education programs.

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