About Us

Expatiate Communications was launched in 2013 with one goal, redefining the way special education program is designed and delivered. By leveraging data, technology and innovation, we are pioneering the field of SPED with focus on improving student outcomes and providing equitable access to all students. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Expatiate Communications is to assist Local Education Agencies including public charter schools in developing and implementing sustainable special education programs.

Our Vision

To be known as the thought leader in the area of special education.

Core Values


  1. Purpose & Growth - Our purpose, passion and growth will always be focused on education

  2. Client Focus - A razor-sharp focus on our clients’ program capacity but powered by Expatiate

  3. Integrity - To achieve excellence without sacrificing student focus and professional ethics

  4. Transparency - To conduct all program activities with full transparency and accountability

  5. Professionalism -To be professional in our actions to our clients, partners and each other

  6. Excellence - To continually pursue knowledge and learn while constantly building internal capacity

  7. Social Impact -To undertake projects with social impact in mind

  8. Fulfillment - To achieve sense of fulfillment by providing indirect services to most vulnerable students