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Our Process

  • Inclusion & Equity

    Special Education Direct Services

    When you engage us for direct program management, you receive a full continuum of placements and support as defined by IDEA. We have an extensive array of support to serve all SWDs including low incidence services. Once you become our partner, you will never need staffing again.

  • Educational Data Management

    Educational Data Management

    Preparing student data for compliance and guidance is both a skill and art. With real time reporting and on demand reports via iTAAP, we not only save you precious working hours, but also maximize your State and Federal apportionments.

  • Fiscal Supports<

    Fiscal Supports

    Expatiate offers broad expertise in special education financial issues, providing guidance and solutions to often complex legal requirements and reporting requirements.

  • Due Process and Legal Accountability

    Due Process and Legal Accountability

    All our comprehensive special education partnerships include due process guarantees. If you have a due process filing, all legal supports and settlement costs are borne by us.

  • Data Systems and Technology

    Data Systems and Technology

    Technology and innovation are integral to Expatiate – using artificial intelligence and proprietary programs add value in advancing special education for school leadership and staff.

Our Programs

iTAAP™ - Our Data Analytics Tool

iTAAP is a revolutionary business intelligence predictive analysis platform. It has been designed to predict educational outcomes for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) and other educational organizations who are required to report student level academic progress data.

Just-in-Time Service

In special education, there may be unforeseen situations requiring immediate resolution. Expatiate offers short-notice support in program, finance and facility issues through a fast-tracked process featuring analysis, guidance and solution-based services.

Social Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a foundational skill that fosters well-rounded development of the student, creating an optimal learning base for essential life skills such as cooperation, self-control, confidence, independence, curiosity, empathy, and communication within a safe and positive environment.

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Expatiate Communications is the premier management and consulting firm with unmatched expertise in special education. Based in Pasadena, CA. we provide dedicated programs, technical, operational plus fiscal expertise and guidance to local educational agencies serving students with disabilities.

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