Professional Development

Expatiate promotes employee professional development for our special education trained experts. From compliance, to data analytic software, one on one meetings, instruction, and behavior efforts. We keep special education simple inside and outside the classroom. Expatiate provides professional training development for all of your special education needs.

This includes:
  • Developing well thought Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Providing Professional Special Education Materials and Documentation
  • Special Education Assessments
  • Behavior Management and De-escalation Training Tactics
  • Academic Timelines and Next Year Projections
  • Implementation of Professional Learning Strategies
  • Accommodations and Specialized Modifications

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District Workshops & Services

We work with school districts and charter schools. From providing staff support, to student services, district compliance in special education, and more. We ensure each student receives a fair and inclusive educational environment. In doing so, our professionals receive multiple areas of support.

Academic Assessment Services

Our firm provides licensed specialized special education professionals with the proper tools and materials needed to ensure students receive all necessary special education assessments and additional services.

Special Education Training Services

Our firm provides proper on-site training for special education professionals and equips them with tools for classroom and district-wide special education services. We go beyond the classroom.

Educational Prep Services

We provide all staff and special education professionals with special education materials and supplies, additional training, help with certifications, and full staff support. Our professionals receive access to our iTAAP analytical data software to help properly assess district and school-wide academic goals and preparation of IEPs.

Professional Development Software: iTAAP Data Analysis for Special Education

iTAAP Screenshot

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Expatiate Communications is the premier management and consulting firm with unmatched expertise in special education. Based in Pasadena, CA. we provide dedicated programs, technical, operational plus fiscal expertise and guidance to local educational agencies serving students with disabilities.

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