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Expatiate's digital tool assists you in identifying the most significant obstacles to student learning. By focusing on RtI and measuring its effectiveness, as well as the average intervals of each intervention, you can gain invaluable insights for professional development and program improvement. The tool also helps you determine which grade levels require more SST support, enabling you to target interventions where they are most needed.

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What is SST?

The Student Success Team (SST), also known as the Student Study Team, is a collaborative and positive approach designed to address a wide range of concerns related to students' academic performance and overall experience in school. This team aims to identify and provide early interventions to create a support system for students facing difficulties in the general education classroom. To achieve this, the SST employs a structured process that guides students through the tiers of Response to Intervention (RtI) while monitoring the accommodations they receive and offering systematic interventions at different RtI levels.

How we support the Student Success Team

Performance Measurement

Serves as both a caseload management tool and a system for measuring the SST program's performance.

Identification of Learning Obstacles

Pinpoints significant barriers to student learning, focusing on RTI effectiveness and intervention intervals.

Targeted Interventions

Determines which grade levels need more SST support, ensuring resources are allocated effectively.

Comprehensive Data Overview

Provides essential data on student count, SST count, total enrollment, and the percentage of students referred for SST support.

Detailed Data Breakdown

Disaggregates data by observation type, grade level, gender, and the stages of the SST referral process.

Efficiency Tracking

Monitors the number of students in both the draft and final stages of the SST referral process.

Enhances Collaboration

Fosters stronger relationships among school staff by providing a shared resource for housing student data and progress.

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Support Your SST Today

Embrace Expatiate's powerful digital tool today to enhance the effectiveness of your Student Success Team for free with an iTAAP account! Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights and take your school district or local education area to new heights of success!

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