iTAAP Achieves Perfect Prediction Score

iTAAP® uses techniques from data analytics, statistics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predict future outcomes. Based on CA School Dashboard 2023, we have achieved 100% accuracy for majority of our Districts for multiple indicators. From graduation rates to college and career readiness, we have been able to accurately predict how each LEA will perform, upto one year in advance.

ELA and Math indicators were closely predicted as well. While student level projections may vary, LEA wide projections, when done accurately, inform each LEA about how to support each student in meeting the expected outcomes. Similarly, it also guides professional development of teachers and tracks each students progress in real time giving each teacher, counselor and principal valuable information to assist every student at the right time.

Schools are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to assist students better. If you are concerned about chronic absenteeism, equity and student achievement, disproportionality or any of the APR compliance indicators, contact us to to learn more about iTAAP and take the guess work away.

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